Punta Rincon Beach Landing Project

Stage I – Punta Rincon Landing Project
Location: Coclecito, Colón
Client: Minera Panamá S.A.
Year: 2012-2013
Intercoastal Marine Inc.

The Project contemplate the supply and installation of a remote beach landing system to support the construction of the Port Facilities of Minera Panama, S.A. Project near Coclecito, Colon – Panama.

This remote beach landing system consist in a Jeety formed  by two Jack-up Barges (JUB) platforms positioned in deeper waters,  and a temporal steel modular trestle in shallows waters to reach shoreline in to the Cargo Laydown Area of the project.  The JUB’s are two sisters modular barges formed by 52 different components each, which once assembly conform a work platform of 36 by 18 by 2 mts, with four spud in his corners and hydraulic systems that aloud this JUB’s to jack-up over sea level to operate in a safe way.

The Temporal steel modular trestle consist in four steel bodies with dimensions of 9 by 9 by 2,5 mts. With an approximated weight if 16 ton. for each body. The separation between each body is 9 mts with a total of 63 m long for the steel structure. The trestle bodies are driven in his four corners with vertical steel piles of 30” and 24” diam. and each body has two batter piles.

On top and joining this steel bodies, crawler mats are placed which allowed the transit of cargo over the trestle. This crawler mats are steel structures  of appx. 6.7 ton. with a timber cover for the transit of cargo. Between the JUB’s and in the union with the trestle, steel ramps are placed to permit the crossing of the entire structure.

On the offshore side of this trestle, two dolphins will be placed to assist the berth maneuvers of the different vessels that going to arrive to this pier. On the onshore side, a rockfill ramp will be filed to reach the Cargo Laydown Area of appx. 8.100 m2. The total longitude of the pier will reach the 165m mts.

Stage II – Punta Rincon Beach Landing
Location: Samba Bonita, Colón
Year: 2012-2013
Client: Minera Panama S.A.
Intercoastal Marine Inc.

Project consists on the logistics material, equipment and operation services for Minera Panama, S.A. including the logistics of the temporary dock located at the Atlantic zone of the Panama Canal at 9 navigation hours form the city of Colon to Punta Rincon. The pier built previously in phase I of the contract by Intercoastal Marine, Inc.(IMI), consists in the installation of 2 jack-up platforms and 3 steel jackets which composes a temporary dock with a approximate length of 125 lineal meters. The contract’s term is 12 months and its monthly transportation rate is of 2000 tons. It also requires the transport of equipment and materials with the use of landing crafts, tugboats, barges and rafts all supplied and operated by IMI.